Hidden Equipment

It is becoming increasingly popular to dedicate a central location within your property to house all the AV & tech equipment completely out of sight. This relies upon a structured cabling installation backbone with all cables being wired out from this central location to each of the rooms.

In a dedicated rack room or cupboard space, we can provide you with the design and infrastructure for such an installation, allowing you to house your Sky boxes, amplifiers, matrices, control equipment, internet router, networking equipment and much more.

Using the excellent Middle Atlantic rack solutions for all our projects due to the numerous different ranges available allows for the racks to be hidden within joinery spaces and other solutions ensuring we make the most of  any space available.

To ensure the equipment remains in pristine condition until it is ready to be installed onsite, we wire all of our racks offsite in our dedicated rack building facilities . This also allows us to minimise the time required on site, programming and testing the racks prior to them arriving for installation.

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The London AV approach to Multi-Room AV Systems

Multi-Room Audio

A system which allows you to have music in multiple rooms is referred to as Multi-Room Audio. We can design systems which are built to perfectly suit the room and the interior design

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Multi-Room Audio

Music is  powerful. Music can transform a quiet Sunday afternoon whilst listening to a favourite album on a Hi-Fi system, it can make you dance and make you cry. It can also provide the perfect party atmosphere if you have a system that allows you to combine multiple rooms together to play a pre-prepared playlist to entertain your guests.

We are proud to be official dealers for some of the finest speaker brands in the world from Bowers & Wilkins, to PMC, Sonus Faber to Steinway Lyngdorf. We always strive to find a solution which best suits your requirements and encourage you to experience these different types of sound in our Showroom or at a demo at your property.

There are so many options available, from in-ceiling or in-wall solutions through to bookshelf speakers or floor standing speakers, we will always propose a solution which will work best with your room.

With integrations to streaming services such as Spotify or Airplay now commonplace for Crestron & Control4 solutions, we can also ensure that using your system is super simple and gives you maximum pleasure.

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Multi-Room Video

Are you a keen Sky Q user but have more than three TVs? Do you have more than one room where you'd like to watch UHD content from the Sky Q Silver Box? We create flexible systems which allow you to share your sources to an unlimited number of TVs without having equipment in the rooms

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Multi-Room Video

We can create a flexible Video over IP solution which allows you to share multiple sources to multiple TVs or Projectors within your property.  Video over IP (as opposed to HDBaseT) is the latest technology which overcomes issues with the quality of existing cabling. Video over IP can work on existing Cat5e cabling including long runs. It is not susceptible to fragile infrastructures unlike HDBaseT and traditional HDBaseT matrices.

Using encoders and decoders, Video over IP is a flexible technology. Encoders are required for any source – for example, a Sky Q Silver Box or an Apple TV. You need 1 encoder per source and these are located in the AV Rack next to the sources in a chassis. Decoders are then required behind each TV, Projector or AV Receiver.

HDBaseT was previously based around a fixed size matrix, such as a 4×4, 8×8 or a 16 x 16 matrix. This often meant there was some level of waste as not all outputs were needed. Video over IP allows you to create a system of any size to suit your property.

Video over IP requires a specific type of network switch. We install Cisco Layer 3 network switches for the encoder/decoder network connections. It also requires a Smart Home Control system with a remote control in each room which will be programmed to suit the overall system so it is simple to use.

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Smart Home Control

If you have multi room TVs and Audio, it's crucial to ensure the system is user friendly and not overly complex. We recommend a Smart Home Control system is put in place to provide a simple user experience for any member of the family or guest to use

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Smart Home Control

If you want multi-room Audio and TV it is important that an overall Smart Home System is designed and installed to ensure that the user experience is simple and intuitive.

Behind the scenes, a control system is complex but the end user experience should be easy. To achieve this we use Crestron Home Crestron Custom or Control4 to control the AV systems and other integrated systems within the property such as Lighting, Intercom, Blinds, CCTV & Heating.

We always recommend a single handheld remote control is present in any TV/Video zone within the property. This should be a proprietary remote from either Crestron or Control4 so it has a direct connection to the system at all times. Obviously iPads and iPhones can be used with the Crestron app or Control4 app but these will always have a slight lag compared to a proprietary remote.

In our Client Experience Centre we have Crestron Home running multiple AV zones throughout the building using touchscreens, handheld remotes and the iPad app. As an alternative we also have Control4 available in the Showroom.

Please contact us for a bespoke tour to discuss your project and experience these technologies first-hand.

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Offsite Rack Building

We believe that 75% of any one project should be completed off-site. From detailed design engineering and project management, through to off-site rack building, programming and testing, our job begins far ahead of the time we arrive on site

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Offsite Rack Building

What differentiates us from the competition? One of our USPs is that we dedicate a lot of time and energy upfront, fully understanding the brief and designing the best solution to meet the brief. Another is building our racks offsite.

As a company we have been wiring all of our AV Equipment Racks offsite for over 5yrs. For us, rack building becomes a specific task within the overall project programme. The benefits of this are three-fold – we can extensively programme and test the system and secondly, our rack building facility gives a clean environment to complete this intricate task in a timely fashion. It also means that once the client site is dust free, the installation is relatively quick.

Once 1st fix is complete and the cables are in place to install a wall termination panel we will visit the client on-site. This is a shallow wall mounted panel which has specific terminations for data cables, speaker cables, coaxial cables and any other specialist cables. They are cut short and terminated into the correct module and labelled. We also go to the rooms and terminate the cables within the rooms at this stage so the cables can be tested.

Off-site the racks are wired and a loom of cables is created which will connect the rack equipment to the termination panels. This is all detailed by our design engineering team so when the time is right to bring the rack to site, it is a simple task to connect it to the termination panels.

Once the racks are wired, they are then programmed and tested using our dedicated test bench. This allows us to spot any issues with potential faults with equipment or integration challenges and deal with these accordingly without causing any disruption before we arrive on-site.

We are proud to be one of very few companies who insist upon this off-site process for every single project. It allows us to ensure we deliver a 5* solution every time.

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